– 1,000 GERMANS meet 1,000 AMERICANS –

Where better to proceed this exceptional work than in the USA. A grand nation that has ever since generated its greatness out of the millions of individuals with their own culture, heritage, dreams and ideas that came together in one nation. CARSTEN SANDER is up to document this nation, pure and simple by seeing what this nation is made of – the people forming it.

1,000 faces, 50 states, within 25.000 km – CARSTEN SANDER will create one picture of this grand nation. Within 3 months the mobile Studio will be traveling from coast to coast. The results will be shown in several exihibitons and one great book of the US. The exciting tour will be documented by a film crew and accompanied by constant social media and PR activities. To celebrate the deep bond between USA and Germany both exhibitions “Heimat USA” and “Heimat Germany” will be shown together, face to face in 2018?


What if we make a portrait of the United States as a whole? What sounds like a highly ambitious idea out of thin air started with no minor event then the 2018 Oscar ceremony. With great help of the partners Turkish airlines, Deutsche bank and German foreign ministry the first step of a long journey was successfully taken. And the enthusiasm of everybody involved gives a taste for more.

More than 50 portraits in two weeks and a lot of events and opportunities to involve artists and entrepreneurs.

Carsten Sander

Carsten Sander, based in Berlin and Dusseldorf, is a famous German photographer and artist. Technical virtuosity combined with powerful and aesthetic content are the trademarks of his work. The beauty of meaning is what determines his work. Every picture is a statement and clearly a true SANDER.


HEIMAT is not about place, but rather about people, says CARSTEN SANDER. For seven years he portrayed 1,000 people all over Germany. More than just showing a label CARSTEN SANDER looks behind the facade and discover the person. Viewed up close, the uniqueness and individuality of each portrait is clear. However, viewed from a distance the elements of the images blur and blend into something bigger. What binds all these different identities is their common belonging to a HEIMAT.


“HEIMAT. DEUTSCHLAND – DEINE GESICHTER” / “HEIMAT. GERMANY – YOUR FACES” by CARSTEN SANDER shows a modern and colorful picture of German society. It is an opus about tolerance and peaceful co-existence, where everyone can follow his dreams to become who he wants to be. The spectator becomes instantly aware that his individuality is a valuable asset in the building of a nation. Experiencing an HEIMAT exhibition gives the idea of a bigger individuum formed by all of us. One nation, million differences united in tolerance. A beautiful idea of HEIMAT.


Carsten Sander presents in an egalitarian fashion the poor, the rich, the famous, the happy and the sick, the old and the young. Sander photographs his subjects’ faces from the front, without them posing and with the same background, thus capturing the essence of each human being and offering a glimpse into their soul. The Patron of the project is former Minister of Foreign Affairs and symbol of German Reunification Hans-Dietrich Genscher.


Mario Adorf | Egon Bahr | Gerhart Baum | Rufus Beck | Jan Becker | Iris Berben | Oliver Bierhoff | Boss Hoss | Andreas Bourani | Heiner Brandt | Philipp Danne | Gesa Dreckmann | Erik Durm | Veronica Ferres | Yasmina Filali | Sebastian Fitzek | Björn Freitag | Hans-Dietrich Genscher | Lena Gercke | Gregor Gysi | Didi Hallervorden | Jonas Hector | Benedikt Hoewedes | Christian Kahrmann | Katy Karrenbauer | Stefan Kretzschmar | Norbert Lammert | Florian Langenscheidt | Markus Lanz | Robert Lebeck | Christian Lindner | Jonathan Meese | Klaus Meine | Christoph Metzelder | Peter Nottmeier | Christoph M. Ohrt | Axel Pape | Bastian Pastewka | Doro Pesch | Lucas Podolski | Anouschka Renzi | Claudia Roth | Norbert Röttgen | Bastian Schweinsteiger | Martin Semmelrogge | Matthias Steiner | Frank-Walter Steinmeier | Jürgen Tarrach | Lina van de Mars | Günter Verheugen | Udo Walz | Roman Weidenfeller | Sönke Wortmann | Regina Ziegler …

The exhibition on tour

The kick-off exhibiton of “HEIMAT. DEUTSCHLAND - DEINE GESICHTER“ took place at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and was opened by its todays President of Germany Frank-Walter Steinmeier. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs, in cooperation with the Goethe Institute, is currently working on a world tour.

The Goethe Institute in Mexico City just anounced to show the exhibiton in cooperation with the German Embassy 2017, a major show in celebration of the “Year of Germany“ in Mexico. Domestically, the news surrounding the exhibition is buzzing as many cities are eager and set to be involved.

Past Exhibitions

2017: Galería Abierta, Mexico City / Martinikirche, Siegen
2016: Dominikanerkirche, Münster / St. Kamillus Kolumbarium, Mönchengladbach / Willy-Brandt-Haus, Berlin
2015: Wissenschaftszentrum, Bonn / Ministry of Foreign Affair, Berlin
2013: Kunstmesse Berliner Liste, Berlin

Willy-Brandt-Haus, Berlin | 2016

St. K. Kolumbarium, Mönchengladbach | 2016

Dominikanerkirche, Münster | 2016

Wissenschaftszentrum, Bonn | 2015

Ministry of Foreign Affair, Berlin | 2015

Permanent Exhibition

Mönchengladbach, Kamillus Kolumbarium / Galerie Heimat, Dusseldorf

The catalogue was honoured by

Art Directors Club Award 2013, Categorie Editorial/
Imagefolder and German Design Award 2015

Coffee-Table Book (in progress)

Limited edition, 1,000 copies, 400 pages,
format 16,5 x 11,5 inches, printed in the highest
quality, presented in a slip case

… Eye to eye – Be a Part of it and make it happen!

Example of an american catalogue.


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